Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Beer of the Month for January - Hop Stoopid Ale

Hop Stoopid Ale is the initial Boys from the First Hole Golf League Blog "Beer of the Month" for 2014. It is an imperial pale ale made by the Lagunitas Brewing Company of Petaluma, California.
Hop Stoopid is almost an American strong ale because of the maltiness, and the amber-colored ale's ABV is 8.0%. It is sold in a 22 oz. bomber so golfers do not have to bother their bartender as often.   
To learn more about Hop Stoopid and the other great ales and beers made by Lagunitas, please log onto If you visit the great state of California (or Kah-lee-foh-neea as former Govenator Arnold Schwarzenegger pronounces it), stop by the brewery for a tour and try the IPA and Censored cooper ale during the beer tasting.

Editor's Note: If blog fans would like to recommend a "Beer of the Month" in 2014, please click on "No Comments" below and submit your choice.   

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